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Who we are

We are a passionate and dedicated team of professionals who want to ensure the transition clean energy doesn't let anyone get left behind. In fact, we believe underserved communities should be at the forefront of the transition to clean energy, since they have the most at stake. Through collective action our communities can not only gain access to locally based solar projects, but also create paths to ownership that would allow them to decide how the energy generated is distributed. We have dedicated ourselves to bringing this truth reality.

Solar Panels

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase grassroots ownership in community solar projects, especially those in low-moderate income communities (LMI).

Our Vision

We see a future where underserved communities are strengthened and empowered by the ability to own electricity generating assets which power their communities. In this future, these assets are supported by investments made by individuals throughout society, with the understanding that control and decision making power over these assets remain local.

Solar Panels Technicians
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